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Be who YOU are, not who the world wants you to be

Welcome to Rutuja's Image Consulting

A secret of great STYLE is to feel good in what you wear

Personal Image Building

Your body language SHAPES who you are

Professional Image Building

GROOMING is a secret of real elegance

Appropriate Grooming

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Why Image Consultant

An image consultant helps you on your appearance, behaviour, and communication in a way that will accentuate your strong points and present a confident and stylish image. We have specialized knowledge and training in matters of dressing communication, personal style, personal colour, body language, etiquette and professional presentation.

Working with an Image consultant is the best investment in you.

Art Of Dressing

How you dress is an Art. You can wear your regular dresses in various styles as per the occasion.

Body Shape

Every person has different body shade. Always dress as per your body shape and look attractive.


Verbal, non-verbal, Visual and written communication are the 4 main types of communication.

Self Esteem

Self-esteem is made up of the thoughts, feelings, and opinions we have about ourselves.

What More To Offer

Nutritional Correction

Nutritional Analysis,

Online Session

Online Session

Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

Body Language

Body Language

Personal Style Analysis

Personal Style Analysis

What is Image Consulting

I counsel solopreneurs and corporate clients on Personal Style, Dressing communication and Nov Verbal Communication through personal and group consultations.

I help them make their first impression more powerful so they can communicate with people more confidently.