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I am Rutuja Kantak, a certified Image Consultant from IAP Career College, USA. I am a Psychology Graduate from Pune University having more than 12 years of experience in IT Industry.

Being an Image Consultant, I help people manage their personal image by guiding them for appropriate dressing, proper grooming, non-verbal communication and business etiquette which eventually helping them build a strong and confident person.

While working in a creative field I always thought of a need of a Self Brand as owner or brand as a staff of a particular company. While helping people build their company brand lead me to Image Consulting and my journey started by giving solutions on Image Challenges for various people from business owners to job seekers as per their designation, role and goal.

I have worked with various Professionals like Dentists, Doctors, Financial
Consultants, Sports Coaches, HR Professionals and Entrepreneurs on their Professional attire, their appearance, suitable grooming, their body language, business etiquettes and necessary soft skills.

Rutuja Kantak, Image Building and Image Management Consultant

What can I offer you?

1. Analysis of your Personal Style

2. A Professional and Polished Image

3. Discovery of a new you!

4. Long lasting First Impression