Digital Marketing Professional, Pune

I am a digital marketing professional and a start-up entrepreneur. I want to thank Rutuja for her customised program for image building and image management. We had many discussions before finalizing the exact package that catered to all my needs. Because of this customised program we could focus on specific fields and gain the required results. I sometimes take time to open up in front of new individuals but Rutuja made me comfortable and encouraged me to speak up and I can safely say we discussed many topics with her without any hesitation. She was very flexible with her timings and location so it was very convenient to conduct our session.

In this 8 day program, which we extended to 10-12 days, we covered various topics like dressing scales, color analysis, grooming scales, body language, personal skills, etc. This helped me in deciding which type of dressing I should follow to different business meetings, corporate events, and other official events. Since I started following her advice, I'm noticing a boost in my confidence and also positive responses I received from my clients, co-workers, and service providers. It also changed my overall attitude towards handling different tricky situations during business meetings. Our shopping sessions, wardrobe check is helping me in developing my thinking process while buying corporate clothing. That simple change in haircut changed my overall appearance.

The cherry on the top was her complimentary nutritional session which helped me in redesigning my diet schedules and including different nutritional ingredients in my diet list. This overall program helped me a lot for my overall development. I'm already recommending this to my friends and my colleagues and wish they will also get benefited just like me.

Thank you so much Rutuja!

Ms. Apoorva Bomade
Digital Marketing Professional and Start-Up Entrepreneur

Senior Leader, Pune

A big thanks for the amazing customized service rendered by Rutuja. I still remember when I reached out to her for Image Enhancement. Basis my initial discussion about the requirements, Rutuja immediately customized her package to suit my needs. Thumbs up for that.

Rutuja was very flexible in terms of her timings and location to ensure customer satisfaction.

Post the Personal Makeover sessions of Personal Style, Color Analysis & Wardrobe de-cluttering, she instilled the confidence to buy the right clothes & choose the appropriate outfits for occasions including Seminars, parties, regular office-wear & interviews.

Most importantly, Rutuja has good networking in the fashion circles which also enabled to offer the best grooming, dentist & skincare services. She helped me to get a transformed hairstyle and teeth straightening through one of the best dentist in Pune.

The entire course of the Personal Makeover Sessions changed my appearance and also made me more assured & dignified in facing my team and senior leaders.

The tangible success was finally achieved when I was able to crack an interview for a senior leadership role in one of the top Investment Banking Organizations.

Would certainly recommend to avail her services for Image Consultation & Enhancement.

Mr. Dennis
Pune based Investment Banking Organization

Life Coach, Jaipur

I attended the session Rutuja conducted on Dynamic Lasting Impression.

It was interesting to know the difference between Self Image and Impression. The most interesting part of the session was the Color Analysis.

I could really think about the past compliments I'd received while wearing a certain kind of dress or a typical coloured kurta that I wear. I resonated a lot with what Rutuja was speaking about.

Her passion and commitment to make people look their best is commendable and I am so thankful to have her as an Image Consultant in my life.

Thanks for the colour and specs analysis. Your personal and detailed attention to my questions made the 2 hours of the workshop worthwhile for me.

I will refer you to all my contact sphere.

Thanks once again.

Ms. Medha Chaturvedi
Life Coach, Jaipur

Senior Software Engineer at Dell, Pune

It has been a pleasure working with Rutuja. Having never before given much importance to dressing, style etc, I was clueless where to begin.

I came across Rutuja's profile while searching on the internet. And was sceptical about how much it would help me. But Rutuja explained very well about personal branding, image, style and grooming. She helped me to figure out what my personal style and colours were and helped me to redesign my wardrobe completely. She suggested small incremental changes so I was comfortable with the changes, and more importantly, I feel that these changes will stick - not something that I'll forget and give up.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in updating their image and is interesting in learning about personal styling and grooming.

Ms. Poornima Gupte
Senior Software Engineer at Dell, Pune

Theater Artist, Pune

The session on Body Shapes which I attended was very informative. Rutuja helps us in personal queries and we had a very elaborate discussion about body shapes and dressing and other related things which help to dress properly. I am satisfied with the workshop.

Ms. Adhishree Wadodkar
Theater Artist, Pune

Gravity Business Services, Pune

I attended a workshop on Professional Image Building which was very helpful to improve myself and my overall self-presentation and personality. It was really nice & knowledgeable for the present profession and in future also.

Ms. Shruti Bahulekar
Accountant, Gravity Business Services, Pune

Senior Pediatrician, Pune

I came across Rutuja's website while doing a random search on image consulting. When I signed up for the sessions with her, I wasn't sure of what exactly image building is all about but wanted to try it anyway. After my sessions with Rutuja involving personal style, colour analysis, soft skills etc, I realised that personal grooming is also a science. Rutuja taught me how to select the appropriate colour, style, size and shape of your attire as per your skin/hair/eye colour, body shape, type of event you are attending etc. I felt more confident about dressing up appropriately for any event, be it daily work or a special event.

Rutuja is very patient and professional as an image consultant and has in-depth knowledge of her subject. Would definitely recommend anyone looking to build self-confidence in terms of image building to avail of her services.

Dr Deshpande
Senior Neonatologist, Pune

Gravity Business Services, Pune

After hearing about your services in BNI Opulence, I thought that Image Building will be good training for our staff. All our ladies staff attended your training and were impressed by your presentations and personal touch. I recommend your services to my contacts, friends and anyone else who needs Image Building.

Mr. Chittaranjan Deo
CEO, Gravity Business Services, Pune

HR Professional, Pune

This goes to Rutuja for being a wonderful person and a very professional image consultant.
Before meeting her, I was bit hesitant and was not really sure whether meeting image consultant will help me to build a more confident image which I was struggling for; but...... in our first meeting, I was assured that my decision was correct.

Rutuja not only helped to reinvent my image but suggested tips which include dressing style, patterns, suitable colour, textures, ornaments followed by makeup session for various occasions.

After this session, her continuous follow up helped me to implement things.

Now after 6 months I could really see the difference in my image, the way people perception has changed and most importantly my confidence level.

I love myself more than I used to.

HR Professional, Pune